We are supported by great, growing businesses across the country, many of which have signed our pledge and committed to offering meaningful work experience placements to young people everywhere.

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The next generation needs guidance to prepare for the future world of work. We know that work experience placements are a powerful way to give young people their first taste of employment. But the number of those accessing these opportunities is dismally low and disproportionately from wealthier families. The business community must act now to ensure future talent is ready and able to fulfil its potential.
As a diverse group of business leaders, we would like to take this opportunity to pledge our commitment to offering meaningful work experience placements; opening our doors to ambitious young people from every background. Our intention is to give them a well-rounded and practical introduction to the kinds of roles they might want to pursue in future.
That’s why we’re supporting Workfinder, a new platform to inspire the next generation and connect it with opportunities at companies like ours. By enabling young people to discover placements in local businesses across the UK, Workfinder levels the playing field – making sure no young person misses the chance to learn about the working world and boost their employability. By doing so, we’ll help to create a pipeline of talent which will supercharge the UK’s productivity and give us the access to the talent we so desperately need to grow.

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